Our Mission

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Simon Leeman LLC Service Philosophy

The mission of the company is to ensure that the customer comes first and that we are the most efficient distributor in our market.

The Customer Has Our First Priority

The customer is the reason for our existence. We will take the responsibility to determine our customers’ needs. We will look at situations from the customers’ perspective and be a facilitator and enabler to the customer.

Our Commitment to your Company and your Success

We will respect our customers’ and fellow employees’ time and resources. We will follow through on our commitments to the customer. We will be known as the distributor with the most honesty and integrity in all our dealings with the customer. The customer will be able to depend on us.

Customer Focused Employee Empowerment

We will give our employees the resources and information to make the right decision for the customer. We will encourage decision making and customer care at all levels of our organization. We will support the decisions that our employees make in taking care of the customer.

Efficient Partnering With Customers

We will educate our customers on efficient procedures, both in doing business with Simon Leeman and in doing business with their own clientele. We will use vendor resources to benefit the customer. We will make business decisions that will assist in the long term profitability of the customer and of Simon Leeman.