Sustainability Program

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Van Eerden and Simon & Leeman Sustainability Program

We have had a rich tradition of sustainability and a commitment to good earth stewardship. Both Van Eerden and Simon & Leeman have a multi-facetted recycling program throughout their warehouses and reviews our program yearly.

With Van Eerden as a founding member, and Simon & Leeman as a longstanding member, of PRO*ACT, the nation’s largest distributor and marketer of fresh produce, we have led the way in sustainability and food safety.

We continue to sign up local farmers to help educate, inspect and distribute produce in Michigan with the Greener Fields Together Program, through PRO*ACT.

Required PRO*ACT Supplier and Distributor Programs

  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Recall Capabilities
  • Food Security Plans; Carrier and Distributor Cold Chain Management

(Above items are applicable based on the specifics of each individual operation)

PRO*ACT Verification of Supplier/Distributors Compliance

  • Sign-off by Suppliers on PRO*ACT’s Food Safety, Security and Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Third-Party Audits of PRO*ACT Suppliers and Distributors
  • PRO*ACT Food Safety Inspections of Field, Cooling and Packaging Operations
  • PRO*ACT Food Safety and Security Inspections of Distributions Facilities

Van Eerden and Simon & Leeman take a Michigan first approach to business and go to market offering products, from over 40 Michigan vendors, to customers before offering national brands. This commitment to community, sustainability and food safety leaves a positive foot print our state and customers lives.