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Local Michigan Farmers

The following is a list of Local Michigan Farmers that we use for fresh fruits and vegetables during the growing season. Our farmers have safety programs in place and are held to the highest standards. Simon and Leeman is very active in the local farmers initiative program. Local is defined as 150 miles. When we are able to buy local the product will be marked “Michigan” i.e “Kale Michigan”.

Gary Schneider, Macomb Township, Family Owned and Operated for 25 years

Grower of:
KaleMid July to Mid-November
GreensMid July to Mid-October
ParsleyAugust to Mid-November
All Hard SquashesSeptember to End-October
Fall DécorOctober to End-October

Leitz Farms, Sodus- Certified Health & Safety Program Family Owned and Operated since late 1800’s, 3rd generation

Grower of:
StrawberriesJune to End-Jun
ZucchiniMid July to Mid-September
Yellow SquashMid July to Mid-September
Apples (all)October to October
TomatoesMid-August to October

Wolak Farms, Armada- Certified Health & Safety Program Family Owned and Operated since late 1930’s, 2rd generation Family Owned and Operated since late 1940’s, 2rd generation

Grower of:
Red CabbageMid-July to End November
Green CabbageMid-July to End November
Savoy CabbageMid-July to End November
CucumbersMid-July to Mid-September
Wax Green BeansAugust to Mid-October
Green BeansAugust to Mid-October
PeppersAugust to Mid-October
SquashMid-July to Mid-September

DuRussel Farms, Manchester- Certified Health & Safety Program, Family Owned and Operated since late 1940’s, 2rd generation

Grower of:
ParsleyAugust to November
CornAugust to October
Green OnionsAugust to October
PotatoesAugust to February

Local Michigan Grocery Items

  • Prairie Farms Dairy Many Varieties, Oak Park MI
  • Sunrise Farms Eggs, Hudsonville MI
  • Faygo Pop Many Varieties, Detroit MI
  • Better Made Chips Many Varieties, Detroit MI
  • Beirut Bakery, Redford MI: Falafel, Hummus, Tabouli and Grape leaves
  • Corridor Sausage Company Many Varieties, Detroit MI
  • Eden Soy Beverages, Clinton MI
  • Cool Crisp Pickles, Grand Rapids MI: Many Varieties of Pickles, Relish and Peppers
  • Michigan Soy Products Tofu, Royal Oak MI
  • Tabone Cherry Maple Syrup, Petoskey MI
  • Sanders Syrups and Chocolates, Clinton twp. MI
  • Alinosi Chocolate Bars, Detroit MI
  • Michigan Herbs, Portland MI: All Herbs, Wheat Grass and Sprouts
  • Crooked Tree Granola, Petoskey MI
  • Aunt Mid’s Living Bean Sprouts Detroit MI
  • Ann Arbor Michigan Tortilla Factory
  • Savory Foods, Grand Rapids MI
  • Hudsonville Ice Cream
  • Ashley Ice Cream
  • Spilson Puddings, Monroe MI
  • Maria’s Salsa, Hamtramck MI
  • Zagolli’s Dips, Elk Rapids MI
  • Klein’s Honey St Charles MI

Specialty (non-Michigan) Grocery Items

  • Specialty Cheeses all Types, R.Hurt
  • Sugar Shack Maple Syrup, R. Hurt
  • St. Julian Sparkling Juices all Flavors
  • Alexander & Hornung Meats, R. Hurt
  • Coco-Cola Products including Vfruit
  • Woodland Foods: Nuts, Dried Fruit, Spices, Dried Herbs, Dried Peppers Including dried Ghost Chili Peppers